Acrylic Off Cuts

Acrylic plastic sheet is highly aesthetical and possesses the best optical properties It has an excellent resistance to the effects of long exposure to sunlight, chemicals, heat and weathering. Also, it is breakage resistant sheet available in transparent, translucent and opaque colors with a superior gloss finish. Hence, acrylic plastic sheet is used for various applications in different industries like those of light fittings & fixtures, advertising, building, furnishing and furniture, sanitary articles, agriculture, automobiles, marine, defence and aviation, to name the important ones. Imported Acrylic Plastic Sheets are available in both below 3' length & width ordi, polythene & pasted paper and above 3' length & width ordi, polythene & pasted paper types. The thickness values can range anywhere from 1 mm to 110 mm. Rates vary depending on the thickness and the colour of the sheet sought for and are calculated on a per sq. ft. basis. Also, we offer special prices for acrylic sheets of sizes 8' x 4' and 6' x 4'.